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Student Affairs

transforming students academically, personally, and professionally

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Student engagement

The area of Student Engagement is vital to Cal State Fullerton and its priorities of diversity, inclusion, student involvement, and student care. Supporting students in a meaningful fashion gives a sense of belonging and connectedness, which are essential for deep, theoretical and practical learning outcomes.

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Student Retention

Our team of Student Retention are focused on persistence and graduation rates of students, aiming to empower Titans in the process of matriculation. At first glance, professional growth and academic success are the focuses of this area, yet it is moreso about the relationships that are developed to to foster such success.

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Student Transitions

Navigating a University or College campus can be quite the challenge for many first-year students. Our Student Transitions services helps ease this challenge, giving all Titans a chance to succeed in their higher education career the moment that they set foot on the Cal State Fullerton campus.


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Associated Students Inc.

The Associated Students, California State University, Fullerton, Incorporated (ASI) is the recognized student government at Cal State Fullerton. The ASI strives to develop relevant and quality-minded services, facilities, and experiences, which are responsive to members of the campus and surrounding communities.


Titans Athletics

日本一本道a不卡免费 Titans Athletics encompasses all NCAA intercollegiate sports at California State University, Fullerton. Staff and coaches team with student-athletes to provide a holistic education both in the classroom and during competition.






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